Orthapedic Bedding


We're a small family owned and run mattress manufacturer based in Melbourne, Australia.  
We make mattresses the old fashioned way, by hand, using products that are made to last. 

With a history in mattress design and construction dating back 35 years, Orthapedic Bedding is 100% Australian owned using high quality, predominantly locally produced materials and are made right here in our factory in Thomastown. We invite and encourage you to come visit our showroom and experience Orthapedic quality for yourself.

Why us?

We're transparent, We'll always tell you exactly what's inside your mattress and why.
We make mattresses the only way we have ever known, Using traditional methods with high quality products.
We'll never have a 50% Off sale.
Our prices will never be marked up 600% like most retail stores - (Thats how they can give you ridiculous discounts)
You can only sell a product at 50% Off if you have added that extra profit on in the first place, Other wise you'd be making no money... 
We make them and we sell them, this ensure's higher quality control and a more personal, knowledgable, less confusing service.
If you really think about it buying from us just make's sense. 
No marketing or Sales tactics, we simply make great quality products and then we sell it at a reasonable price, There is no catch.

The difference

We make our mattresses double sided, What we put on the top side of your mattress we also put on the bottom side allowing you to flip & spin your mattress for a longer life.
We don't mass produce or buy products in bulk to make your mattress, We make to order.
All mattresses are guaranteed for up to 10 years and are made to our own high quality standard.

Where can you buy one?

Orthapedic mattresses are sold exclusively through our online store, via our factory showroom in Thomastown VIC, or through one of our approved retail stores.
Orthapedic Bedding 
286b Settlement Rd Thomastown VIC
03 94640322


All Orth-A-Pedic Mattresses are hand made to order, due to customer demand we allow a two week manufacturing period. Once your mattress is complete we contact you directly to schedule a delivery date and time that works for you.
For online sales we supply Free Delivery and installation throughout Melbourne.
Please contact us for all interstate delivery enquiries. 


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