Pocket Spring system:

Triple zoned, Firm coil pocket springs are perfect for ultimate support and comfort. All springs are attached by a fabric pocket, they're not directly connected to the springs that sit beside it. Firmer coils run across the centre of your mattress slightly lifting and supporting your back and core while helping keep your body aligned.
A more supportive mattress equals less pressure on your body, meaning higher chance of having a better nights sleep and waking up feeling refreshed.
If you sleep on your side? that's fine too, the individual pocket springs are designed to compress when you lie on them, compressing only the springs that you’re directly lying on, this is also great for when you dig your shoulder in, the springs will compress more in that section minimising pressure to that part of your body.
Here’s the best part about individual pocket springs, when your annoying loved one sleeping beside you tosses and turns you’ll hardly feel it and never have to leave dreamland. 

Edge support system:

The Orth-A-Pedic edge support system is made up of several wire rods and steel supports attached around the edges of the spring system ensuring firmer edges and no side roll giving you more mattress to sleep on.

Box sidewall support:

Box sidewall support is a firm, thick foam box that sits around the outside of your mattress keeping the walls straight and solid, its essential for a quality long lasting mattress.
A good Side wall support protects your springs and prevents your mattress sides from collapsing and flopping and more importantly you from rolling off it. 

High density foam layer:

High density, quality foam sits above and below your springs helping give you the added support and comfort you need to get a relaxing night or days sleep. 

Wool top Comfort layer:

The top layer of your mattress is filled with Soft, Luxurious Wool, giving you a floating feel while you rest. One common mistake made by consumers is choosing a mattress thats too soft with not enough support.
Choosing a wool top mattress is purely a comfort decision. Keep in mind layers of wool or foam that are too thick will only soften and compress over time giving you less support.
So If you need more support when you sleep, (and most of us do) while its perfectly fine to still chose a wool top mattress please make sure it has the correct spring or support system to compliment it (you need firm structural layers that will last) Springs are what give you most of your support while the wool is what gives you the comfort. please contact us if you'd like to discuss. 

Natural Latex Comfort layer:

Orth-a-pedic Latex is two 24mm (thumbnail thickness) layers of natural rubber with hundreds of small holes poked into it to help it breath, placed on the top and bottom of your springs.
While Latex is also a comfort decision, giving you just enough of a soft feel, its also acts as a secondary supportive layer, working in conjunction with your springs to give you even more support.
Common question: “two chunks of rubber in my mattress.. Isn’t that going to make me hot?" The short answer is no, firstly, because its filled with lots of small holes helping it breath, secondly we've added adaptive to the outer layer of fabric, Adaptive is a technology designed to adapt to your body heat, Cooling you when you're hot and vice versa.

Memory Foam:

This is type of foam that allows you to really sink into it, while it almost moulds to your body. Memory foam is an amazing product, but once again is purely a comfort / feel choice. Most memory foam's only become a more structural layer when they're supported by a firmer layer of high density foam.
This is where a lot of others manufacturers go wrong.
Orth-a-pedic memory foam is an ave thumb length, 50mm layer of foam with a second layer of firm foam under it. This makes a firm support system while allowing the memory foam to do what it does best, stay soft, hug your body and feel amazing.
Memory foam has quite a unique feel, almost like its pushing against you while at the same time being supremely comfortable. When made right a memory foam mattress can be Ideal for bad backs that lack support. 

Adaptive Technology Quilting:

ADAPTIVE is an intelligent textile technology changing passive textiles into textiles capable to respond dynamically to environmental changes like temperature and moisture level. ADAPTIVE uses the energy of the body to accelerate moisture wicking, evaporation and cooling: The more heat, the more drying and cooling. 
This breakthrough innovation is based on a unique hydro-functional polymer whose properties change in response to temperature, releasing and transporting moisture. Applied to bedding textiles, ADAPTIVE keeps you comfortably cool and dry throughout the night and improves your sleep quality. A good sleep is crucial for physical and mental wellbeing, whereas a cool and dry micro-climate is essential for recuperative sleep.


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