Orthocare Firm Coil Mattress


Features & benefits Firm Coil Spring system :High quality, all in one firm spring system.Edge support system: Keeps sides of...


Features & benefits

Firm Coil Spring system :
High quality, all in one firm spring system.

Edge support system:
Keeps sides of mattress firm without disturbing the sleeping zone 

Firm density foam layer:
This foam works along with your springs to add support and structure to your mattress.

Adaptive Technology Quilting (cooling Evaporation system) see below

Double sided:
Unlike most Mattress’s these days we give you twice the ingredient’s. yes it's more expensive but we like to give you more product for your money and more effective sleeping areas, It also extends the life of your mattress helping eliminate flat spots. You can Flip it, you can spin it, its all the same.

Australian Made:
Hand made by us on site: Support the Australian economy, When you buy, your’e buying from the actual people that make your mattress here in our factory, not a sales team relaying confusing, fancy sentences that the manufacturer told them to say. Just like when you ring for support, (not that you’ll need it) but again, your’e talking to the people that made your mattress, not an office person who will transfer your call or make you hold while they find out more detail.

10 year warranty:
We’re that confident in our product and that we’ve sold you the right mattress, that you’ll be completely happy with it and come back in 10 years to buy your next one.
If your’e not happy please call us and we’ll work with you to find a resolution.



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