Orthoflex Memory foam Mattress


Features & benefits Coil Spring system: High quality, all in one firm spring system. Edge Support system:Keeps the sides of...


Features & benefits
  • Coil Spring system:
    High quality, all in one firm spring system.

  • Edge Support system:
    Keeps the sides of your mattress firm without disturbing the sleeping zone

  • Box Edge support system: 
    Firm foam sides sit around the outside of the springs forming a box, adding even more support and structure to your mattress without disturbing the sleep zone

  • Visco elastic Memory foam:
    Luxury top layer, 50mm of high density foam sits below a 50mm layer of Memory foam. i.e. Foam that sinks and Moulds to the shape of your body While still maintaining its structure helping to give your spine the support its needs for a relaxing night sleep.

  • Adaptive Technology Quilting (cooling Evaporation system) 
  • Single sided mattress:
    The Orthoflex is the only Mattress in the Orth-a-pedic range to be one sided simply because adding another 100mm’s of memory foam to the under side of your mattress would make it too thick you would need a ladder to get into it.
  • Australian Made, Hand made by us on site: 
    Support the Australian economy, When you buy, your’e buying from the actual people that make your mattress here in our factory, not a sales team relaying confusing, fancy sentences that the manufacturer told them to say. Just like when you ring for support, (not that you’ll need it) but again, your’e talking to the people that made your mattress, not an office person who will transfer your call or make you hold while they find out more detail.
  • 10 year warranty
    We’re that confident in our product and that we’ve sold you the right mattress, that you’ll be completely happy with it and come back in 10 years to buy your next one.
    If your’e not happy please call us and we’ll work with you to find a resolution.

    Adaptive technology
    ADAPTIVE is an intelligent textile technology changing passive textiles into textiles capable to respond dynamically to environmental changes like temperature and moisture level. ADAPTIVE uses the energy of the body to accelerate moisture wicking, evaporation and cooling: The more heat – the more drying and cooling. This breakthrough innovation is based on a unique hydro-functional polymer whose properties change in response to temperature, releasing and transporting moisture.
    Applied to bedding textiles, ADAPTIVE keeps the consumer comfortably cool and dry throughout the night and improves the sleep quality.
    A good sleep is crucial for physical and mental well being, whereas a cool and dry micro-climate is essential for recuperative sleep.



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